Trade Show Resources

Being successful with your trade show depends on a number of factors. The audience, the strategy, the booth design, the flow of traffic, the offer, and so much more. Because there are many variables, we've created this area to help you learn more about specific trade show marketing strategies, while providing access to templates and tools. We'll also guide you through ideas designed to ignite creativity for your next campaign.



If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are priceless. Looking for a few how-to videos? Head over to our videos page for information such as:

  • How to set up your trade show exhibit
  • Product feature videos
  • Understanding CMYK and PMS color matching
  • The right and the wrong way to install a SEG fabric graphic
  • And much more!

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Ebooks & Case Studies

There are a number of best practices to consider in trade show marketing. Download one of the ebooks or case studies here to learn more about how other companies are leveraging trade show marketing to drive results in their organization, plus gain insights for industry best practices!

Nomadic Display Client Case Studies #1

Nomadic Display Client Case Studies #2

Ebook: Maximize Your Backwall

White Papers

These documents are an excellent opportunity to review best practices for trade show marketing and remain current with strategies and tactics utilized for maximum ROI. Whether you're looking for tips for social media at your big event or building a plan that works, these white papers are your golden ticket to actionable information.

Graphics That Work

Guide to Successful Exhibiting

The Rental Revolution

Exhibit Design Strategies That Maximize Results

Social Media for Trade Show and Events